There was a guy bad-mouthing and disturbing passengers waiting for the train. He finally hopped on the train and left us in peace.

“It was an interesting episode though, right?”

“Ah well, you know it’s like Bollywood, really. All genres rolled into one, every night.”

I laughed with this security officer. He’s firm but kind and very apologetic about the whole incident.

“Don’t worry, there’s cameras around 24/7, even hidden ones. So even if you think no one is watching, now you know there’s eyes everywhere.”

“Oh that’s very reassuring. Thank you. I was really scared. Can’t you call the cops?”

“I was just waiting and waiting, there’s other people watching so I’m not the only one making the call.”

“Ah right.”

“You don’t worry about people who talk, worry about those who don’t say a thing. You never know what they’re thinking or what they’re gonna do next.”

“Oh thanks for that, I’ll definitely keep that in mind.”


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