New YouTube Finds

Their voices are amazing.

Perfect harmony.

Featherstone – The Paper Kites

Relaxing, soulful, rejuvenating.

Hauntingly beautiful.

I know I’m supposed to be writing/blogging. But I guess sometimes music expresses what words cannot.


This is weird.

It took me two seconds to love the singer and the song.

They’re fantabulous. Just breathtaking.

The band is Bastille and the song is Pompeii. The setting is quite beautiful too – it’s just perfect!

Acoustic version of “Flaws” is simple. Ah, the beauty in simplicity. So Flawless. See what I did there? Sorry, can’t resist.

Same song but with the violin playing just — eargasm.

YouTube is always random and amazing sometimes.

Let me know what you think 😉