You know you’re procrastinating when…

When you start vacuuming your room and end up vacuuming the whole entire house at 5 in the afternoon… ‘cause that’s what I do when I’m stressed out.

When you start singing “Can’t take my eyes off of you” and “Fly me to the moon” ‘cause they’re suddenly too catchy to ignore.

When you start watching “Devil Wears Prada” with your cousins for the millionth time and laugh before Miranda says, “That’s all.”

When you look at Facebook and think that so much time is wasted on it… then you think, well maybe I’ll deactivate my account. Then one of your best friends starts talking to you and you have a heart-to-heart.

When you start writing an epic letter – a novella/memoir – that you know you’ll send after a few weeks time because you’re not ready, it’s not good enough and you want to make it better and funnier. But you know there’s not a chance. It’s just another excuse to procrastinate.

When you realise you’re writing a blog post entitled “You know you’re procrastinating when…” and you continue… procrastinating.

Come on, tell me you’re not procrastinating! I dare you.

Feeling lost? Yeah, me too.

Now the question is… are you brave enough to share your own procrastinating habits?




Who can say ‘No’ to this?

There is something so addictive about chocolate. There’s this constant, overwhelming urge or need for the next piece, the next bite, the next time. And the feeling only gets worse every time you succumb to this addiction – always even more powerful, often leaving you powerless.

It’s like you have a self-control of a two year old at best.

Is it the same with cigarettes, drugs and alcohol?

Or worse than Facebook, iThings and social media?