What’s the best thing that ever happened to you?

I asked this question in Omegle.com… interesting replies!

Stranger 1: Died for three seconds.

Stranger 2: Discovered meditation. I know have the ability to feel happy.

Stranger 3: Got hit by a car and skipping school.

Stranger 4: Finished chemo therapy.

Stranger 5: This conversation.

Stranger 6: This website.

Stranger 7: I crashed through a window in high school. Got some cool scars. And it didn’t hurt that much.

Stranger 8: Erm. Nothing realllyyyy.

Stranger 9: Getting laid.

Stranger 10: Hasn’t happened yet. But I know what it’ll be. The day I DIE. (then disconnects)


What has happened to the world?

As I type these, I’m on the train, trying to relax. But of course, you probably know this already, I can try but I can’t be successful in trying to stop thinking.

I find it incredibly funny and equally alarming. Gosh, once again, it just proves my theory that everything is a paradox. This young woman about my age may be obese. She has those humongous headphones and I’m pretty sure everyone on the damn train can hear the song playing. On one hand she has an iPhone, she has an iPad on the other and she’s smiling as though everything is the way it should be. Yes – all at the same time. What has happened to the world?

Well, at least quite a lot of people still read printed books. Even if e-books are also very common nowadays. I just wonder how long it would take to get rid of the printed word all together.