New YouTube Finds

Their voices are amazing.

Perfect harmony.

Featherstone – The Paper Kites

Relaxing, soulful, rejuvenating.

Hauntingly beautiful.

I know I’m supposed to be writing/blogging. But I guess sometimes music expresses what words cannot.


Try and see what happens…

People being people.
People being people.

“Instead of putting others down, try improving yourself
instead. The only person you have a right to compete with is
you. In the meantime, treat others how you’d like to be
treated. One trait that some of the best (communicators) share
is empathy. A couple of kind words can not only make a
person’s day, but earn you a friend and supporter for life.
For the rest of the week, whenever you see someone you want to
judge negatively, pay them a compliment instead. See what

— Neil Strauss

The Good Story

What makes a good story?

This is a question every journalist would ask.

If a story is “good”, it can be pitched to a media outlet. It has the potential to be published. It has the potential to generate impact upon society. It’s worthy to be published.

But how exactly would an aspiring journalist know what type of stories could appeal to the masses? After all, we write for our audiences.

The are “news values”, a not-so hidden secret of journalists practising their craft in English-speaking countries.

As an aspiring journalist, however, I believe news in this day and age does not accurately depict or reflect the state of society as a whole and rather displays the extremes, what media consumers want – sex, drugs, violence and animals (yes, puppies and cats).

Brandon Stanton, the man behind Humans of New York (HONY), offers his insight on “The Good Story” and with the same idiosyncratic style as the photographs in his highly successful blog – simple, raw and real.

Street photography is his expertise but extracting personal information from strangers is a truly powerful gift. Brandon’s story is just as inspirational as every picture. You can read about it here.

As a person fascinated by the everyday human experience, HONY is heaven on earth. It offers a slice of life, exhibiting nuances of raw emotion. Journalists don’t report about the ordinary and instead the bizarre. But really, what HONY captures is a breath of fresh air. Through HONY’s lens, the everyday is anything but mundane. If only we could all see the world through his lens.

After all, when a guy takes a photograph of a stranger living their life in their own little space on earth and somehow obtain quotable quotes then makes you feel good to be a part of the human race… that’s something rare and one of a kind, isn’t? That’s probably a good story.

Power of Words

“Words have special powers.

The power to create smiles or frowns.

The power to generate laughs or tears.

The power to lift up or put down.

The power to motivate or de-motivate.

The power to teach good or evil.

The power to express love or hate.

The power to give or take.

The power to heal or harm.

Choose your words carefully.”

— A.D. Williams

Words are powerful. Use it for the good 😉

What do you want to do when you grow up?

This was my personal orientation project in Year 9:


Growing up, I have always loved writing essays for school, answering questions from a variety of topics and expressing my thoughts through writing. I was known as the girl who is silently observing everything that is going on in my surroundings. I remember and take notes of intricate details at most cases. One of my hobbies from when I was younger, until now, is reading newspapers and magazines while observing how articles are constructed. I am very meticulous about punctuations, grammar and spelling. I always try to use deeper, more complex words to describe something. The online thesaurus is my obsession. I consult it very often because I want to expand my vocabulary. I apply what I have learned when we are required to write reviews, reflections or reports for any subject in school. Needless to say, English has always been my favourite subject. I must confess that my guilty pleasure is reading Hollywood gossip on the internet. This provides me with ideas on how to express my opinions or tell a story with a lot of humour, wit, sarcasm and creativity. I am also a bookworm and I think that it helps broaden my perspective. I am extremely curious, inquisitive and easily intrigued. All these have led to my fascination with journalism. I also love traveling to all sorts of places, encountering different personalities and engaging in profound conversations. I am considering this job as my profession because writing is my passion. I want to inspire others and make an impact in someone’s life just as countless of men and women did in mine.


I simply hate staying in one place for a long period of time. I love moving from place to place because I`m very curious. I always want to see what is beyond what I am seeing. It would be incredibly fulfilling to capture moments, places, faces, and just about anything and tell a story. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. I like interpreting images and looking beyond the surface. The challenge of writing about a broad variety of topics seems quite interesting to me. Since this job requires a lot of traveling, my dream of seeing the world could turn into reality. I love writing reflections and opinions, thinking about local or global issues, simple or complicated messages from people, places or the environment. I want to receive projects such as capturing photographs of people in different living conditions, seeing the world through their perspective. I had a taste of what it is like to live on the other side of the world at the age of fourteen. I loved every minute of it. Through all the ups and downs, the roller-coaster ride, it was an amazing journey of a lifetime. Learning to adjust or perhaps deciding when to adapt to my surroundings and being more versatile to change are definitely essential. When one is not in their comfort zone, it`s amazing what we could discover. I was pushed to my limits and in which I realized that one could always go beyond what we think we are capable of doing or being. I felt a different sense of fulfillment, the kind that I cannot completely express in words but I am sure I would want to feel again and again. I am addicted to this feeling, this challenge of analyzing, interpreting and experiencing moments, simply ordinary yet extraordinarily surreal. The only acceptable report is telling nothing but the truth.

It was fun looking back at this. Three years later, here I am doing a Journalism degree. And it’s not as easy as my Year 9 self had thought.

Isn’t life funny?

Somewhere Only We Know


Once upon a time, in a far far away land… nah. Fairytales never really made sense to me.

My favourite word is ubiquitous ’cause it sounds cool in my opinion but I frequently use the word “paradox”. In fact, I somehow manage to squeeze it into every single one of my academic essays. I’m also certain that it won’t end there. I’ll use the word paradox repeatedly until my last breath.

I am at once fascinated and irritated by its meaning yet it doesn’t stop me from loving it.

The last time I wrote it:

Haneke creates a masterpiece that shows the great paradox of love as the source of sublime joy and extreme suffering with unflinching honesty.

I have a love affair with words. It can’t be helped. It’s beyond my control.

I’m not afraid to admit it.